The Benefits of Fix-on-Six Dentures

Fix-on-Six in Dallas, TX | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Dentures

If you or a loved one needs dentures, choosing the right path to a revitalized smile can feel overwhelming. We understand that patients want to find a reliable solution that brings back their confident smile. This is precisely where the Fix-on-Six® system shines, as it is designed with the patient’s needs and comfort in mind. This denture option uses six to ten mini dental implants to securely anchor a full arch dental prosthetic.

At Bent Tree Dental, we believe in making your journey to a healthy, functional smile as smooth and accessible as possible. That’s why we are excited to offer Fix-on-Six, a remarkably effective and patient-centric denture solution.

What Is Fix-on-Six?

Fix-on-Six in Dallas, TX | Mini Dental Implants | Implant DenturesFix-on-Six® is a technique for replacing an entire arch of teeth. For this system, Dr. Miller places mini dental implants into the jawbone to provide a sturdy foundation for a roundhouse bridge.

These implants are made of biocompatible materials, allowing them to integrate with the bone over time. This stable foundation holds the roundhouse bridge firmly in place.

Dr. Miller places six to ten mini implants to secure the bridge. These implants distribute bite forces more evenly across the jaw, providing enhanced stability for the bridge compared to systems with fewer implants.

Systems like All-on-4®, for example, rely on just four traditional implants to support an entire arch. While effective for some, this approach can present challenges. For instance, patients with insufficient bone density may require additional procedures like bone grafting to qualify for large traditional implants. This extends the overall timeline and increases the complexity of the tooth replacement process.

The Foundation of Fix-on-Six: Mini Dental Implants

Central to the Fix-on-Six® system is the use of mini dental implants. These implants are pivotal in making the procedure accessible to more patients. Those previously deemed ineligible for traditional implants due to insufficient bone density often qualify for mini implants. These narrow-diameter implants are designed for the patient’s comfort and convenience. Measuring half the size of traditional implants, mini implants average less than 3 millimeters in diameter.

While the All-on-4® system may use fewer implants, it relies on large conventional implants to support the prosthetic. Even with more implants, the Fix-on-Six approach is much less invasive, thanks to the smaller size of the mini implants. This translates to a smoother procedure, with patients often experiencing less discomfort and enjoying a quicker recovery. This patient-friendly method underscores a commitment to delivering restorative solutions that are both efficient and tailored to individual needs.

Also, Fix-on-Six offers enhanced support and stability by incorporating a greater number of anchoring points. With Fix-on-Six, Dr. Miller can use more implants to offer improved stability without using invasive surgical techniques. As a result, you’ll enjoy a more secure and durable denture experience without any added discomfort.

Why Fix-on-Six?

While Fix-on-Six® serves the same purpose as the All-on-4® system, it elevates the patient experience in several key areas.

  • Accessibility and suitability: Utilizing mini dental implants means that patients with lower bone density, who might not be eligible for traditional implants without undergoing bone grafting, can now experience the benefits of implant dentures.
  • Cost and recovery: One of the most significant advantages of Fix-on-Six is its impact on both cost and recovery time. The procedure for placing mini dental implants is less invasive than that for traditional implants, resulting in a shorter and more comfortable recovery period. This efficiency benefits the patient’s well-being and translates to cost savings.
  • Procedure timeline: The efficiency of mini dental implants allows patients to experience stable dentures without an extended wait. This expedited timeline is especially beneficial for those eager to regain full functionality without the prolonged treatment and healing times of conventional implant procedures.

By leveraging the unique advantages of mini dental implants, Fix-on-Six offers enhanced stability, improved aesthetics, broader accessibility, and a more efficient recovery process. This system is ideal for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution to full arch tooth replacement.

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Fix-on-Six is an excellent denture choice for those seeking to improve their oral health and quality of life. Its design caters to a broader patient demographic and provides a secure, long-lasting solution for full arch restoration. Contact Bent Tree Dental today to book a free consultation and explore your options with Fix-on-Six!

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