Teeth Whitening in Dallas, TX

Achieving a brighter smile could be easier than you realize with professional teeth whitening from Bent Tree Dental. We offer both take-home kits and in-office whitening to deliver results you won’t find with any over-the-counter products.

You Could Benefit from Professional Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening could be just what you’re looking for to improve your smile. More than 60% of American adults wish they could achieve whiter teeth. With professional treatment, that dream can become a reality before you know it.

You can achieve noticeable whitening that has a significant impact on your smile. This leaves you less hesitant to share it with the world, boosting your self-confidence. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, so improving it can impact your social life for the better.

Choosing professional teeth whitening from Bent Tree Dental ensures that you get a solution catered to your needs. Not all stains are the same, and you could have other dental issues that need treatment. Dr. Miller will carefully evaluate your needs and determine which type of teeth whitening or other procedures are right for your smile.

Professional teeth whitening is both safe and effective. By relying on a dentist to plan your treatment, you can know that the whitening gel being used is applied properly to avoid sensitivity or gum irritation. It also delivers much faster results, perfect for getting ready for an upcoming occasion.

Why Over-the-Counter Methods Don’t Deliver Results

Teeth Whitening in Dallas, TX Teeth Bleaching Dr. Rick MillerWhen many people first consider whitening their smiles, they turn to over-the-counter products. However, those products make some big promises they don’t necessarily deliver on.

You’ll find plenty of whitening products on store shelves, including toothpaste, strips, mouthwash, and whitening kits. However, these products can only contain low concentrations of whitening agents to ensure consumer safety. Working with your dentist gives you access to stronger teeth whitening with professional guidance.

Most over-the-counter products can only deliver gradual results over long time periods. Even whitening kits featuring gel and trays can require extended use. 

Those kits are also less effective than professional options because they use generic trays. They don’t have the right fit for coverage or comfort, affecting both your results and your experience.

If you’re ready to take action on stains and discoloration, scheduling a free consultation at Bent Tree Dental is the way to go. We can provide professional treatment that delivers fast, safe, and comfortable whitening.

Teeth Whitening at Home with Professional Kits

You can visit Bent Tree Dental for professional take-home whitening kits. This convenient option lets you whiten at home while enjoying exceptional results and superior comfort.

First, we’ll create custom dental trays for your treatment. These are similar to the trays you’ll find in over-the-counter kits, except they’re molded to fit your smile perfectly. This ensures that the whitening gel has complete coverage over your smile without affecting your gums.

The kits include clinical strength whitening gel that you won’t find in over-the-counter options. This lets you enjoy noticeably whiter teeth in much less time. You’ll wear your trays for 15 minutes to an hour each day for around two weeks, and at the end, you’ll have stunning results.

Getting your take-home whitening kit takes just one visit, providing the highest level of convenience. You’ll enjoy professional results in your home.

Immediate Results with In-Office Teeth Whitening

Bent Tree Dental also provides in-office whitening for immediate results. This fast and straightforward procedure has your teeth noticeably whiter in just one appointment. You’ll walk out of our office that same day with a brighter smile, perfect when you need to look your best on short notice.

We implement the latest in dental technology to provide the best treatment options for our valued patients. We utilize the iSmile Teeth Whitening system for teeth whitening to deliver stunning, precise results. This modern method offers the fastest and most powerful whitening available.

iSmile Teeth Whitening in Dallas, TXOur iSmile teeth whitening Device combines LED light and heat to apply our formula to your teeth evenly for optimal, easier and all around more effective whitening process.

iSmile whitening gel has been proven to brighten your smile up to 3 shades all without sensitivity or discomfort.

Our clear iSmile gel can be brushed directly onto your teeth, the brush tip helps the gel to stay on your teeth and not on your gums. In the case that you do get it elsewhere our formula is virtually tasteless.

The application whitens both the top and bottom teeth simultaneously during the 15-45 minute processing period. Our iSmile device is hands-free so you can whiten your teeth and continue with your day.

We wanted to make this process easy to ensure it could become a part of your regular beauty or grooming routine.

While this treatment removes stains very effectively, professional whitening doesn’t protect against future stains. However, you can always return for another fast, safe, and comfortable treatment if your teeth develop stains or discoloration in the future. You can also continue your treatment at home with our iSmile trays and LED light which conveniently plugs directly into your smart phone for whitening on-the-go.

Options for Dealing with Permanent Stains

Not all stains are the same. At-home and in-office whitening are highly effective in dealing with extrinsic stains. These stains affect the surface of your teeth, caused by plaque, food, smoking, and other factors. However, there are also intrinsic stains, which affect the interior layers of your tooth and can be seen through the translucent enamel.

These stains arise due to a variety of factors, including dental injury and as a side effect of some medications. Whitening gel has no impact on these stains, as they are deep within the tooth’s surface, where the whitening compounds can’t reach.

While methods that use whitening gel aren’t effective for intrinsic stains, there are still treatment options. Porcelain veneers can resolve permanent stains and a variety of other cosmetic defects. A thin layer of porcelain is customized to fit your smile and applied to the affected tooth, presenting a beautiful yet natural appearance.

You can schedule a free consultation with Dr. Miller to find out how professional teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and other cosmetic treatment options can help improve your unique smile.

See How We Can Improve Your Smile Today

If you’ve noticed that your smile isn’t as bright as you think it should be, you can visit Bent Tree Dental for a free consultation to learn more about your options. Rick Miller, DDS, has over 30 years of experience helping patients improve their smiles and can develop a custom treatment plan for you. Book your consultation today.