Tooth Removal in Dallas, TX

Tooth Removal in Dallas, TX | Dr. Rick Miller | Bent Tree Dental

In-House Painless Tooth Removal & Tooth Extractions

If you have a tooth or teeth that are severely decayed, it is important to seek immediate dental treatment to prevent further damage to the tooth and surrounding teeth. There are times when a tooth cannot be saved and must be removed to prevent the infection from spreading. When possible, the team at Bent Tree Dental will do everything in their power to save your tooth. When we cannot save the tooth, know that we offer quality, painless tooth removal and extraction services to keep your mouth healthy.

Dr. Miller has advanced training which helps him do “gentle” extractions in which he then finesses the tooth out with the goal of not damaging the bone around the tooth. He is able to provide you with a painless experience and as little discomfort as possible. In addition to our fast tooth extractions, we offer sedation options to help provide you with the comfort you need.

Once you have had your tooth removed in our office, we will discuss tooth replacement options with you. We advise replacing the lost tooth or teeth to prevent your other teeth from shifting and moving around. Dr. Miller may recommend a dental implant for the missing tooth, but depending on your situation, there are other options that can be discussed. If your jaw has already started to lose bone from your missing teeth, we may be able to perform bone grafting on your jaw to prepare you for dental implants.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Dr. Miller provides wisdom teeth extractions right here in our Dallas office. When you come in for a wisdom tooth consultation, Dr. Miller will begin by taking X-rays to determine how impacted your wisdom teeth are and whether they can be removed easily. Depending on the position of your wisdom teeth, Dr. Miller may recommend different sedation options to keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. Many patients, however, experience no pain and do not request sedation.

Complicated Extraction Procedures

If Dr. Miller determines your condition is too serious for the office to handle, we have a specialist who can come into the office with his surgical nurse. He will provide IV sedation so that the patient’s last memory in the office is going to sleep, then waking up with the procedure over, at home and comfortable with their caregiver.

Tooth removal, while quite safe, is often intimidating. But when you visit Bent Tree Dental, you can rest assured that our highly skilled team will help you feel comfortable throughout the process from start to finish. We’ll explain each step of the procedure in detail and provide you with high-quality care tailored to you and your condition. Contact our office today to learn more about tooth extraction and schedule a consultation with Dr. Miller.

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