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Missing Teeth in Dallas, TX | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Denture

At Bent Tree Dental, we understand the profound impact of missing teeth on an individual’s confidence and overall well-being. That is why we offer a range of comprehensive solutions tailored to diverse needs. We believe every smile matters and are here to help you rediscover your confidence by seamlessly restoring your smile.

Our commitment to consistency means you’ll see Dr. Miller and the familiar faces of our dedicated staff during every visit. Our goal is to ensure our patients feel at ease entrusting us with their dental concerns. We work hard to develop long-lasting relationships with our patients and strive to deliver the highest quality dental care for each individual’s unique circumstances.

What Causes Tooth Loss?

Missing Teeth in Dallas, TX | Mini Dental Implants | Implant Denture

Patients often face tooth loss without fully understanding its root causes. In addition to trauma or injury, various underlying factors contribute to tooth loss. Identifying and addressing these lesser-known causes is crucial to preventing tooth loss and maintaining optimal oral health.

  • Gum disease: Gum disease stems from infections and inflammation around teeth and supporting bone. Conditions like diabetes, weakened immunity, poor oral hygiene, and hereditary factors heighten your risk of developing gum disease. If left untreated, it can cause bone loss, infections in the gums, and eventual tooth loss.
  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in the mouth produce acids that attack enamel, resulting in damage. Untreated decay leads to cavities and can cause pain, infection, and eventual tooth loss if not addressed.
  • Pregnancy: Hormonal and behavioral changes during pregnancy can increase susceptibility to both gum disease and cavities.

At Bent Tree Dental, our goal is to detect problems before they lead to tooth loss. However, if you visit our office with missing teeth or teeth that require extraction, we will help you find the best solution to regain your bite and restore your smile.

When you visit our office for a free consultation, we will evaluate your condition and determine what we can do for you. The solutions vary depending on the condition of your jaw, how many teeth are missing, and what you hope to achieve from your dental procedure. In many cases of tooth loss, the answer involves dental implants. We provide tooth replacements anchored by mini dental implants. Mini implants are suitable for most patients and offer numerous advantages over traditional implants.

How Can I Replace Missing Teeth?

Dental implants are a long-lasting and durable method for replacing missing teeth. Traditional dental implants are comprised of titanium screws that are rooted in the jawbone and a separate attachment piece called an abutment. While they have successfully restored smiles, certain limitations persist. Specifically, patients with inadequate jawbone volume may find them unsuitable due to their size. Averaging five millimeters wide, these implants require a great deal of space in the jaw.

In many cases, traditional implants require bone grafting to ensure the bone is strong and dense enough to sustain the implant. Because of the size and multi-piece design, traditional implant procedures can take six to twelve months. The procedure duration is extended by two processes: bone grafting and osseointegration, when the implant fuses with the bone.

Mini dental implants offer a swift, convenient, and safe alternative to traditional implants. The mini implant post includes both the screw and ball joint, which snaps into the false tooth. This simplified design contributes to the procedure’s efficiency as multiple steps aren’t required to place separate pieces. The procedure to place mini implants is much quicker than their traditional counterpart and can take as little as one visit to complete. Additionally, mini implants are less than 3 millimeters, making them more suitable for a wide range of tooth loss situations.

What if I Am Missing Multiple Teeth?

One of the key benefits of mini dental implants is their smaller size and versatility. If you are missing just one tooth and are looking for a quick replacement, mini dental implants are the perfect fix. Or, if you have lost multiple teeth, mini implants can support dental bridges and dentures.

  • Dental bridges: These are custom-crafted restorations designed to replace consecutive missing teeth. They help maintain proper teeth alignment by preventing adjacent teeth from shifting.
  • Implant-retained dentures: These “snap-on” dentures are easily detachable by the patient and Dr. Miller at regular dental checkups. This solution involves placing four to eight mini dental implants into the jaw—the number of implants needed depends on the jawbone’s size and whether you need to replace an upper or lower arch. These dentures eliminate the many issues associated with ill-fitting traditional dentures, offering a reliable and comfortable solution for missing teeth.
  • Permanent dentures: These are similar to implant-retained dentures but are secured in place and never have to come out. These dentures use more implants, offering a more stable fit. Unlike traditional dentures, which require periodic relining adjustments, permanent mini implant dentures maintain their fit.

Dental implants offer diverse solutions for missing teeth. If you are looking for a reliable tooth replacement solution that is convenient, efficient, and affordable, mini dental implants are an excellent choice.

Replace Your Missing Teeth Today

If you are missing teeth and want the best solution, contact us today to schedule your free consultation with our experienced dental team led by Dr. Rick Miller. At Bent Tree Dental, we prioritize your comfort and ensure ease throughout your dental care journey. Don’t wait to replace your missing teeth. Let us help you rediscover the joy of a full, confident smile with mini dental implants.

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