Dental Financing in Dallas, TX

Dental Financing in Dallas, TX

While dental procedures are necessary for the health of your mouth, they’re not always healthy for your wallet. Humana cites that even a simple routine cleaning can cost at least $75.

For those who require dental care but may not have enough money to cover the entire cost upfront, dental financing is a great option. Fortunately, patients at Bent Tree Dental have access to the expertise of Dallas implant dentist Dr. Rick Miller and his team when it comes to finding the right financing for their needs.

In this quick read, we’ll help you figure out how to get the most bang for your buck in dental care. Bent Tree Dental will make sure you’re taken care of by a certified Dallas implant dentist – no matter your financial situation.

How Much Do Dental Procedures Cost on Average?

Keeping with Humana, let’s look at some of their other stats on dental healthcare costs to give you an idea of what your bill could look like.

Dentures are the most expensive procedure, ranging from $600-$8,000. This is the cost of a full set, and it varies depending on the quality of the dentures.

Dental crowns and fillings are significantly less expensive but still costly. Ceramic or porcelain crowns cost up to $2,000, and gold dental fillings could cost you up to $4,500.

Tooth extraction will cost you anywhere from $75-$800, depending on the tooth that needs to be extracted. Wisdom teeth removal, a procedure most people have to go through, is the most expensive.

Root canals are similarly priced based on which tooth is impacted, incisors being less expensive than molars. Generally, the cost is from $500-$1,500.

And, as previously mentioned, standard dental cleaning costs at least $75 but can go up to $200, depending on whether you need x-rays.

Tips for Cutting Costs Without Reducing Quality

While you should follow the recommendations of your dental healthcare provider, you have a few options for ensuring your dental procedure doesn’t break the bank. 

One cost-effective solution that providers recommend is mini dental implants (MDI). MDIs are an alternative to traditional implants and dentures, which can be costly due to their size and complexity. They are smaller and less complex, requiring fewer materials and time for installation – ultimately leading to significant savings for patients.

You can also save on fillings and crowns by using different materials. Amalgam fillings and metal crowns are the least expensive options, but only if your dentist recommends them as opposed to other solutions.

How Dr. Rick Miller Can Help

Dallas implant dentist Dr. Rick Miller, DDS at Bent Tree Dental, offers many dental financing solutions that are sure to help you and your family pay for your care.

Dr. Miller offers free consultations for patients who want to discuss their problems and develop a custom treatment plan without worrying about expensive initial costs. 

He also knows much about MDIs and will ensure they are chosen as your treatment option if they work best for you.

Dr. Miller wants as many patients to receive treatment from an experienced Dallas implant dentist as possible, so he offers multiple payment options and is willing to work with any budget. You can pay monthly at 0% interest, meaning you don’t have to put off your care to save up.

Why not take advantage of a Dallas implant dentist with thirty years of experience? Set up your free consultation with Dr. Rick Miller and see how your mouth and wallet can be healthy and happy.

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