Dental Cleanings in Dallas, TX

Dental Cleanings in Dallas, TX Dr. Rick Miller Bent Tree Dental

Healthy Gums and Teeth with Dental Exams and Dental Cleanings

When you come into the office of Rick Miller, DDS for dental exams and dental cleanings, we want you to feel welcomed and relaxed. We understand that some people may be worried about their dental appointments, and that is why we have structured a new patient welcome system to help you learn more about our office, meet our staff, and become comfortable with the environment.

Dental Exam Process

Dental Cleanings in Dallas, TX Dr. Rick Miller Bent Tree DentalWhen you have a scheduled cleaning coming up, Dr. Miller will call you the night before to welcome you to the practice and address any concerns you may have. On the day of your appointment, you will be welcomed with open arms and greeted by name. After you take a look around, we will begin by taking intraoral pictures and any necessary X-rays. We use the a noninvasive digital camera and digital X-rays to get these safe, quick images of your mouth. Based on this information, the dentist will discuss the findings with you and possible treatment options, if needed. You have the option to have your cleaning done the same day, or you can reschedule and come back when it is convenient for you.

Comprehensive Dental Cleanings

When you work with the professionals at Rick Miller, DDS, you will get some of the best care available in Dallas. Dr. Miller is very thorough and catches things other dentists miss. He is committed to ensuring you maintain healthy teeth and gums for a healthy, clean smile. During our preventative cleanings, we offer oral cancer screenings, decay prevention treatments, and education for excellent at-home oral hygiene.

Tooth Decay Prevention

The team at Bent Tree Dental does everything we can to ensure you keep cavities at bay. Some of our tooth decay services include:

  • Fluoride treatments: We offer both in-office fluoride varnish and at-home fluoride treatments to keep your enamel strong and prevent cavities. These concentrated fluoride treatments are used along with your regular fluoride toothpaste.
  • Tooth-colored fillings: If you have small to moderately sized cavities, we can use composite fillings to repair the damage. You will not need unsightly silver fillings; our fillings match your teeth and blend in seamlessly, plus they’re safe and mercury-free.
  • LANAP: No longer do you need painful gum surgery as a gum disease treatment. With our advanced LANAP laser system, we can painlessly treat your gum disease without sutures, stitches, or cutting. You’ll recover more quickly, too.
  • Dental Sealants: For children and adults who are cavity-prone, Dr. Miller may recommend sealants. These clear coatings are applied to the surface of your molars, where bacteria easily harbors in the grooves, to protect your teeth from decay.

Routine Dental Care Is Essential

Without routine dental care, your teeth may suffer from decay and gum disease. As you maintain your teeth, you limit your chances of having oral problems, and you increase your chances of good oral health. This will help you save yourself from future pain and expensive treatments down the road.

Plaque and tartar can build up on teeth quickly, and when they do, it leads to rapid tooth decay, enamel weakening, and gingivitis (early stage gum disease). When you work with the team at Rick Miller, DDS, we will help you keep plaque and tartar away. Dr. Miller is committed to making sure nothing is hiding under the surface.

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