Implant Dentistry in Dallas, TX: Regain Your Confidence with a Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Implant Dentistry in Dallas TX Implant Dentistry Bent Tree Dental

Implant Dentistry for Replacing Missing Teeth

Are you missing teeth? Are you unhappy with your smile? At Bent Tree Dental, Dr. Rick Miller can help you replace missing teeth with advanced implant dentistry techniques. Implants are also a great alternative to dentures because they stay in place and prevent bone loss. Many patients that we see, suffer from a lack of confidence due to slippery dentures or missing teeth, and we want to change that. If you or someone in your family is missing teeth, give our office a call today.Implant Dentistry in Dallas, TX Regain Your Confidence with a Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental Implant Procedure

When you come in for a dental implant consultation, we will take X-rays of your teeth and jaw to determine whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. We will also evaluate your medical history. A good candidate is typically in good health with enough bone mass in their jaw to support the implants. If you do not have enough bone structure, we may be able to help create the support you need with oral surgery procedures.

​When you are missing teeth or have had teeth extracted, the roots are also removed from your jawbone. Over time, the jawbone will lose mass and shrink when the roots and teeth are not present. Implants act as strong artificial roots in your mouth to anchor replacement teeth.

​During the dental implant procedure, Dr. Miller will carefully place titanium posts into your jawbone where your missing teeth once were. After the implants are placed in your jaw, you will need to allow your jawbone to heal for about 3 months. Once healed, crowns, bridges, or dentures will be placed on top of the implants to provide you with a natural, glowing smile. In addition, you will be able to chew and speak like you did with your natural teeth. Dental implants are not only an excellent solution, but they can also last a lifetime with proper after care.

Types of Implant Dentistry We Offer

● Single implants: If you have only one or a few missing teeth, we can place implants without sacrificing any surrounding healthy teeth. After your jaw has healed, we will place crowns on top that match the appearance of your other teeth.

● Full-mouth implants: If all of your teeth in your upper jaw and lower jaw are missing, Dr. Miller can strategically plan where each implant needs to go to best support a full set of permanent dentures. Unlike removable dentures, you will never have to worry about your replacement teeth coming out. Implant dentures also keep the roof of your mouth from being covered with acrylic, as is the case with traditional dentures and this leads to a more comfortable finished product.

Mini implants: Whether from missing teeth or other causes, some people lack the bone structure required to support implants. Many of these people may be good candidates for mini implants. Because they are smaller, they do not require as much bone, nor are they as invasive as full-size implants. This typically means you will heal faster. They are often less expensive as well. Dr. Miller can help determine whether mini implants are the right solution for your missing teeth.

● All on Four implants: Dr. Miller provides this revolutionary method of implant dentistry, using just 4 implant posts in each jaw to support a full set of replacement teeth. He will determine the best locations to place these implants, typically placing two in the back of your mouth at an angle for the best support. This is a good option if you are missing all of your teeth or all teeth in either your upper or lower jaw. It can also reduce your recovery time.

● Implant-retained dentures: If you are tired of dealing with your dentures, Dr. Miller may be able to make adjustments for your dentures to snap onto implants. This eliminates the risk of your dentures sliding or falling out.Implant Dentistry in Dallas TX | Implant Dentistry | Bent Tree Dental

Complicated Cases and Cases Requiring Oral Surgery

There are some cases where implants cannot be placed right away. This may be due to insufficient bone or sinus cavities that are so close to your upper jaw that they would get in the way of implants. If you need to have bone grafting or a sinus lift performed prior to your dental implants, Dr. Miller is thoroughly experienced to perform these procedures. In fact, many dentists refer their patients to him for these implant preparation procedures. We will do everything we can help you enjoy the benefits of implants.

Immediate Dental Implants Offered

Rick Miller, DDS is proud to offer immediate dental implants as an alternative to traditional implants. During the immediate implant procedure, the implants will be placed in your mouth after your teeth are extracted. This means there is no coming back to the dentist weeks or months after your gums and jaw heal to have the procedure performed. Immediate implants cause less trauma to the jawbone as well.

For some patients, we can even give them teeth the same day they receive their implants, meaning they will walk out of our office with a new smile!

Schedule an Appointment Today

Whether you are interested in immediate or traditional dental implants in Dallas, TX, our team is ready to provide you with the information you need – and the smile you’ve been missing! If you are ready to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at 972-380-2118. If you are unable to call our office, you can fill out our online appointment contact form, and one of our team members will give you a call soon.

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