Gummy Smile Treatment at Bent Tree Dental

Gummy Smile in Dallas, TX | Laser Dentistry | Porcelain Veneers

When you smile in front of the mirror, it’s hard not to notice if your gums are taking center stage. They can overshadow your teeth, making them look shorter or causing your smile to appear uneven. This condition, known as a gummy smile or excessive gingival display, happens when an excess of gum tissue shows above your teeth when you smile. While a little gum visibility is normal, a gummy smile can make your teeth look disproportionately small and affect the harmony of your facial features.

Excessive gums can make us hesitant to share our smiles, whether in photos, at social gatherings, or during a presentation at work. That’s why at Bent Tree Dental, we offer a range of treatments to help you achieve the smile you desire.

Why Do I Have a Gummy Smile?

Gummy Smile in Dallas, TX | Laser Dentistry | Porcelain Veneers

Have you ever wondered why some smiles show more gum than others? It’s quite common and can be due to several reasons, many of which are simpler to treat than you might think. A gummy smile, where 3 to 4 millimeters of gum tissue is visible, can be caused by genetics, an overactive upper lip, or teeth that erupt in a way that makes the gums more prominent. Some people naturally have more gum tissue than others, which can also contribute to a gummy smile.

Should I be Concerned About My Gummy Smile?

A gummy smile might catch your attention because it affects how your smile looks. That’s why many people consider cosmetic treatments to feel more confident about their appearance. However, the issues surrounding a gummy smile can extend beyond aesthetic concerns.

While many people focus on the appearance of a gummy smile, improving this condition can also lead to better oral hygiene. By addressing excess gum tissue, you can reduce the risk of issues like bad breath and gum disease, ensuring a healthier mouth in the long run. When you have excess gum tissue, it can make it harder to keep your teeth clean. This extra gum can hide parts of your teeth where plaque loves to build up. Plaque buildup increases your risk for gum inflammation and infections. Over time, these issues can lead to gum disease, which might cause your gums to become red, swollen, and prone to bleeding.

Our Treatment Options at Bent Tree Dental

Achieving the smile you’ve always wanted is easier than you might think with the advanced treatments at Bent Tree Dental. If a gummy smile makes you feel self-conscious, our expert team can transform it effectively and enhance your natural beauty.

Our first step in transforming your smile involves using a soft tissue laser. This advanced technology is exceptional for its precision. The laser effectively trims excess gum tissue and sterilizes the areas it touches. As the laser contours your gums to reveal more of your teeth, it simultaneously combats any bacteria lurking beneath the gum line.

Once we have sculpted a more balanced gum line, we often enhance your smile further with veneers or crowns. Veneers are thin shells that are personally crafted to blend in with the rest of your teeth. Our veneers are crafted from high-quality porcelain that mimics tooth enamel’s natural translucency and shine. Additionally, dental crowns provide comprehensive coverage and support by capping the entire tooth. Crowns improve the strength and appearance of your teeth, contributing to a beautifully balanced and natural smile.

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At Bent Tree Dental, we believe every smile is unique and deserves personalized care and attention. Our advanced laser technology ensures precise and comfortable treatment while our custom-designed porcelain veneers blend with your natural teeth. Together, these treatments create a smile that is uniquely yours. So, why wait to start your smile transformation? Take the first step today by scheduling your free consultation.

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